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Seminars of Winter 2010/2011

The Berlin Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence has been conducting research and teaching in the field of European economic policy-making, European integration and comparative policy studies since 1998. The topics of the various fields of research are reflected in Jean Monnet Courses and Modules, which have been developed to support teaching in the field of European integration. A special characteristic of the teaching programme is the first hand knowledge provided by the participation of many young lecturers and experts, who possess direct professional experience of the EU institutions and policymaking processes. In 1998 the Jean Monnet Lectures, a series of European related lectures by outstanding speakers from academia and practice, were added to the regular course programme. The JMC offers courses in all major areas of political science: political theory, the German political system, comparative politics and international relations. In all these fields, the JMC employs the theoretical and empirical methods of Modern Political Economy.
15233 - HS - The Role of the EU in Global Markets: Common Commercial Policy

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Michael Bolle, Funda Celikel Esser

Location: Ihnestr. 21/UG 1

Time: Wednesday, 12:00 - 14:00

Syllabus: [ 20101006_hs15233_final_draft_syllabus.pdf ]


This course aims to determine the role of the European Union in global markets. It examines the politics, institutions and content of the external policies of the EU, with a special focus on trade. Structurally, the sheer size of its market and its more than forty-year experience of negotiating international trade agreements have made the EU the most powerful trading bloc in the world. Yet its own trade policy is driven by strong domestic interests and preferences, aggregated in a singular institutional framework. The seminar first reviews the institutions of the EU and its tools in exercising the Common Commercial Policy. It then analyses the position of the EU in world trade vis-à-vis other partners, and its main trading standards and norms based on cases from relevant sectors. Moreover, the ramifications of those EU policies for the rest of the world are to be addressed in detail. Trade relations between the EU and selected regions of the world, with a special focus on developing regions, will be covered. Issues related to the role of the EU in international finance and security and foreign policies are, though relevant, outside the scope of this course. The course is structured in four sections. The first part of the course characterizes the institutional form of trade policy formation within the EU seen through a comparative perspective, the tools to exercise the Common Commercial Policy and the EU-WTO relationship. The second section focuses on the discussion around the Doha Round and elaborates on the EU?s position based on empirical evidence from selected cases. The third part deals with the European trading standards and norms within the framework of the social clause, with a focus on environmental and labour issues. The Last section is devoted to the trade relations of the EU with selected regions of the world, the BRIC countries and Mediterranean. This seminar will be taught in English. A working paper can be delivered in German or English.

15231 - HS - Theoretische und empirische Aspekte moderner politischer Ökonomie

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Michael Bolle

Location: Ihnestr. 21/G

Time: Monday, 16:00 - 18:00

Syllabus: [ C_15231_Syllabus.doc ]


Mit dem angebotenen Seminar sollen Studenten der Sozialwissenschaften - vor allem: Politologie, Ökonomie - Gelegenheit gegeben werden, ihre Abschlussarbeiten (B.A., M.A., Diplom, Dissertation, Habilitation) auf dem Gebiet der Politischen Ökonomie (national und international) vorzustellen. Dieses Angebot gilt nicht nur für Studenten von Professor Bolle sondern ist auch als Einladung für alle Studierenden zu verstehen, die sich mit dem Fachgebiet Politische Ökonomie beschäftigen. Das Seminar bietet so eine Plattform für Diskussionen (deutsch, englisch) und damit der Vorbereitung der Einreichung der Arbeit für wissenschaftliche Kongresse - auch und gerade für Studierende! - und Veröffentlichungen in wissenschaftlichen Zeitschriften. Die Arbeiten müssen keineswegs ?fertig? sein, es genügt ein diskussionsfähiges Arbeitspapier als ?work in progress?. Zur Teilnahme ist eine persönliche Anmeldung bei Professor Bolle erforderlich. Gelegentliche Gäste sind sehr willkommen, Leistungs- und Teilnahmescheine können erworben werden. In this seminar students are given the opportunity to present their thesis (B.A., M.A., Dissertation, etc.) on the field of Political Economy. We offer a platform for discussion of ?Work in progress? as preparation for international conferences. Please contact Prof. Bolle<br />before the start of the course.