Formal requirements for course credits:


(1) regular attendance and active participation

(2) Make a presentation on one seminar topic:
  • Presentation (ca. 30min)
  • Handout (1 page)
  • Please make an appointment to discuss your presentation and handout with your lecturer at least one week prior to your chosen seminar or: act as a discussant (discuss and critique the main presentation, ca. 10min) or: leading the class discussion
(3) Prepare a Hausarbeit:
  • Decide on a topic for your paper
  • Satisfy general scientific requirements and standards
  • Write max. 10 pages plus title page, contents page, references etc.
(4) Summarise one seminar (in consultation with lecturer):
  • For each session a summary will be taken and presented the following week. This summary will be posted on the course homepage
  • At the end of each session we ask for a volunteer to present the summary in the next seminar


Similar. For further requirements check course description

General information:
The examination is a normal HS-Schein or an official course credit in acordance with the DPO.
The Hausarbeit is also valid. If the exam or Hausarbeit is to be eligible for course credit, timely registration is required.

The list of examination questions from 1998 to 2000 is available [ here ]