[ Tilko Swalve ]

[ Philipp Broniecki ]

[ Leon Kanthak ]

[ André Micklich ]

[ Martin Rößler ]

Econometrics Study Group

We are a group of students at the Free University of Berlin interested in quantitative methods and their application to social science. Our topics are, for instance, different forms of regression analysis, conjoint analysis and factor analysis. We aim to understand the idea and the mathematical formulation of those methods and in particular to learn to apply them accurately in the context of empirical research projects. We do not pursue a definite agenda. Thus, we are flexible in exploring new topics and are open to suggestions.

Our meetings are open to everybody willing to enjoy some econometrics and the debate on how to use it for explaining social, political and economic phenomena. It might be helpful to be familiar with some basic terms of statistics (“mean”, “variance”, “standard deviation”, etc.) and perhaps with the basic concept of univariate regression analysis.

We get together every Monday, 10-12, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence; Goßlerstraße 2-4. For further information please contact Philipp Broniecki.