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Seminars of Summer 2010

The Berlin Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence has been conducting research and teaching in the field of European economic policy-making, European integration and comparative policy studies since 1998. The topics of the various fields of research are reflected in Jean Monnet Courses and Modules, which have been developed to support teaching in the field of European integration. A special characteristic of the teaching programme is the first hand knowledge provided by the participation of many young lecturers and experts, who possess direct professional experience of the EU institutions and policymaking processes. In 1998 the Jean Monnet Lectures, a series of European related lectures by outstanding speakers from academia and practice, were added to the regular course programme. The JMC offers courses in all major areas of political science: political theory, the German political system, comparative politics and international relations. In all these fields, the JMC employs the theoretical and empirical methods of Modern Political Economy.
C 15236 - Theoretische und Empirische Aspekte der<br />Wirtschaftspolitik

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Michael Bolle

Location: Ihnestr. 21, 21/A

Time: Monday, 16:00 - 18:00

Syllabus: [ Colloquium2010.pdf ]


In dem Seminar für Diplomanden und Doktoranden soll Studentinnen und Studenten Gelegenheit gegeben werden, ihre Forschungsarbeiten vorzustellen und zu diskutieren. Die Themengebiete betreffen die Theorie und Empirie der Wirtschaftspolitik. Eine Themenliste mit Terminplanung wird zu Semesterbeginn unter anderem auf der Homepage des Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence ( bekannt gegeben. Interessierte Gäste sind auch zu einzelnen Sitzungen willkommen.